Tu me manques💖

“I miss you” she uttered in a muffled voice. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she hugged her best friend. Amaira realized, distances were difficult to handle. Amaira and Ritika were childhood best friends, their play time was usually occupied with Amaira posing in her mamma’s heels and Ritika capturing Amaira’s innocent dreams to become a model in her cardboard camera. Amaira used to tuck a pillow cover over her head and act like a princess or a bride, and Ritika as
her bridesmaid. With an imaginary groom, together they enacted their wedding.
As they moved to their teenage, the cardboard camera was replaced with a ‘handycam’
and Amaira’s childhood fantasy of becoming a model was taking a serious turn to become her only passion. Whereas, Ritika took up to a multitude of hobbies. Sometimes she was the head-cook in her kitchen, and Amaira her associate-chef.
Other times you would find them both sitting at table and bringing their imagination to life on a canvas. Sleepovers at Amaira’s place were dutifully designed leading to a full-fledged make up session, forcing Ritika to color her face followed by an hour or two of selfie taking sessions. Whereas sleepovers at Ritika’s place were packed with binge-watching of her favorite shows, which Amaira had no interest in, but they both took joy in doing it for the other.

From sharing their candies as toddlers, to sharing their first break up, somewhere they grew up. Together, as an important part of each
other. They never imagined a world where distances would creep in, be it
physical or emotional. They were each other’s die-hard fans, worst critics,
shoulder in times of despair and a strict judge when needed. Here they stood today, singing a farewell to each other, filled with unspoken emotions, unsaid
promises, and a sisterly love that will never wither. Growing up had parted
their ways, where Ritika moved out of the city for her new job and Amaira on
her road to becoming a decent model.

“I will miss you too!”,Ritika said. Such few words exchanged, but they hold such deep meaning.

When we say we miss someone, what do we exactly miss? The presence?
The moments? Yes we do, but there is a deeper meaning. There are pieces of us,
which match exactly with pieces of someone else. Those pieces glow their
brightest, when they meet their matching soul. We miss the union of the pieces,
we sure do miss the person and their presence but what we miss the most is
being what we are, when we are with them. Rightly said in French, “You are
missing from me”. Such beautiful is the spark of two souls that find solace
with each other.

Ritika missed how her hair bow would look a little different, if
it was done by Amaira. Amaira missed how Ritika would laugh her lungs out, when she enacted one of her old professors. They were complete in all aspects, still
so incomplete without each other.

Resting her laptop on the nearby table, Ritika speed dials

“Hey babe, check the new article!”