Life’s parody

It’s a story of me,

A hard, lousy being.

Alcohol addict,

Dark humor, you can’t predict.

I’m 24 and so vain,

Not taken, unrestrained.

I live my life in a backpack and a case

diving into valleys without a base.

I grew up saying yes mommy, yes daddy,

little did they know I was the devil’s caddy.

I slapped a guy in kindergarten,

oh! Right from 3 I was a Spartan.

Thus, was put in an all-girls school,

trust me it wasn’t all that cool.

All around, pony and skirts both high,

to all the boyish stuff, I said aye-aye.

I was born a girl, but I grew up a boy,

Mohallewali aunties saying haye-haye.

I had dreams, I soared to touch the sky,

undying courage that never went dry.

Meantime, I also liked a guy,

soon, he said didi bye-bye.

So long is life, so melancholic,

without an old-monk,

can you tell I’m an alcoholic?

So much to do, such less time,

should I chase my dreams,

Or run after a dime?

Here I am still figuring right from wrong,

temporary, or is this lifelong?









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